Staying Skinny Beyond Swimsuit Season

Everyone talks about gearing up for swimsuit season. As summer approaches, it feels like everywhere you look, you see another ad or another article about “achieving that bikini bod”. So what do you do if, by some miracle, you do achieve that coveted bikini bod? What do you do when swimsuit season is over? As you pull out your box of chunky sweaters, you start to wonder if anyone would notice if your flat abs went away. Maybe no one would notice, except you.

Once the leaves start to change colour and sweater season is in full swing, it becomes harder and harder not to forget everything you worked so hard for and dive head first into a big ‘ole pumpkin scone. You start telling yourself that carbs are worth it. You start to think that eating whatever you want will make you happy. Don’t do it! Sure, you look fabulous in tights and a chunky knit. Don’t you want to look good in everything? Don’t you want to hold onto those jealous glances?

Think about everything you sacrificed to look as good as you do. Do you really want to go through that again next year? More importantly, do you really want to put your family through that again? I think they’ve suffered enough of your, ‘I need sugar! Where’s all the sugar?!’ rampages (see previous post).

Now, put down that brownie and hit the gym!

Sugar: Resistance is Futile

donut_1After eating healthy for the past few months, I can now say with confidence that it doesn’t get easier. Eating healthy is not for the faint of heart. No matter how many cups of water and unsweetened green tea you drink, the sugar cravings don’t go away. Although, the frequent trips to the restroom somewhat help to keep your mind somewhere else. I find the only thing that really works to keep your mind off food is to stay busy. The minute you sit down for a breather, you’re thinking about how long until your next cheat meal. Word to the wise, plan your cheat meal carefully. I’ve too often wasted a sweet treat on a cookie that really wasn’t worth it.  Continue reading

Eating Slowly: A Lesson in Patience

apple_dinner_timeAs I venture further down the road to better health and wellness, I’ve made a few changes in my life. Along with cutting out unhealthy foods, I’ve learned to eat slower. Although eating slower does wonders for your digestion, it is not an easy thing to get used to. For someone with little patience and a love for food, chewing food until it’s fit for a baby bird is pretty close to torture. Continue reading

Goodbye, Coffee. Hello, Plants.


On the road to better health and wellness, one must make the necessary sacrifices to improve oneself. Apparently, one of the sacrifices I need to make is to drink less coffee. I’m supposed to stop drinking I altogether, but for the time being, I’m just working on cutting back. Since the coffee maker at my work broke, I thought what better time to start. Continue reading