Sugar: Resistance is Futile

donut_1After eating healthy for the past few months, I can now say with confidence that it doesn’t get easier. Eating healthy is not for the faint of heart. No matter how many cups of water and unsweetened green tea you drink, the sugar cravings don’t go away. Although, the frequent trips to the restroom somewhat help to keep your mind somewhere else. I find the only thing that really works to keep your mind off food is to stay busy. The minute you sit down for a breather, you’re thinking about how long until your next cheat meal. Word to the wise, plan your cheat meal carefully. I’ve too often wasted a sweet treat on a cookie that really wasn’t worth it. 

It doesn’t help that as soon as you decided to significantly decrease your sugar intake, your co-workers bring in a big box of donuts and leave it open in the kitchen, for you to walk past and smell all day. You can tell yourself that a donut isn’t worth it all you want, but deep down, you just want to be able to eat one and not care like everybody else. It’s also nice when your brother leaves a fresh bag of chips opened in your room just to see how strong you are.

When you finally decide that you need something riddled with carbs, what do you find in the fridge? Vegetables. Oh that’s right, you threw out all the carbs, remember? Yeah, that was smart…

Ok, sure, I look great and I feel so much better when I decided to pass on the sugary treats, but sometimes I just want cake. I don’t want a little sliver to satisfy my craving, I want a whole cake. Sure, I may regret it later, but we’re talking about the here and now. I’m here and I want cake now.


4 thoughts on “Sugar: Resistance is Futile

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  3. This post is very relatable! Have you tried eating low-glycemic foods? I find that it is the ONLY way that I can substantially reduce carb/sugar craving!! It’s great way to eat for weight loss/weight management, and overall health and wellness!

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