Dogs: Nature’s Home Gym

wallace_grommit_1Who doesn’t love dogs, right? I know, there are some, and I’m sure they have their reasons. Needless to say, if  you can get past the painstaking training, dogs are pretty awesome to have around. Aside from the obvious companionship, dogs have quite a few handy qualities.

For those of you who are looking to whip into shape on a budget, well look no further than your trusty sidekick. You can take your dog for a run or play fetch. I’ve always found that the best workout is a good ‘ole game of tug ‘o war. Dogs are always in the mood to play. Also, not only will your dog put their soul (yes, dogs have souls) into ripping that blanket (for example) out of your hand, I assure you, you will get tired before they do. There’s no resistance training quite like it!

Then there’s the love. If you’re ever in need of some unconditional fawning or just a good lick in the face, go home to your dog (that is, if you have one). If you’re already home, leave and come back. It really only takes about 10 minutes. Your dog will treat you like they thought you were never coming back. However, don’t ignore the dog’s cry for attention because she will get your attention somehow, even if they have to jump in your face to get it. Yeah, that one hurt…


One thought on “Dogs: Nature’s Home Gym

  1. I have two dogs and they’re awesome! I never thought about how much healthier they make me, though. We recently moved and now have no yard so we’ve been walking so much more. I think I’ll start to take more advantage of their healthy habits…

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