2015: If There’s An Art Gallery Party, I’ll Be There.

Happy-New-Year-2015Just when you thought you were done with New Years Resolution posts, I swoop in and sneak mine in under the wire. Yes, this is under the wire. I was never really one to make resolutions. I thought it was kind of dumb to wait for January to change and improve your life. I also didn’t think I was capable of change. I’m actually quite rigid (see previous post). I’m one of those weird creatures of habit who’d rather do something boring and familiar than jump out on a limb and possibly experience something great. The fear of the unknown is real people!

So, I continued letting January (and the other 11 months) pass by without trying to figure out what I needed to fix in my life.  I figured, you can’t improve on perfection, right? If you think something should change, maybe it’s you! Down with New Years Resolutions…but I digress. Then last year happened. Last New Years, I decided to make some changes. I decided to stop wishing I had a better life and started living one.

Thing I did #1: No More Sugar (Sort of)

I cut out most of the food in my life that taste good. I know, doesn’t that sound fun? Yeah…it was super hard (case and point), but I powered through (with a little help from some very knowledgeable and supportive friends) and I lost 15lbs. Yeah, 15lbs!! I even ventured into the scary part of the gym, the one with the pumped up dudes checking themselves out in the mirror. It’s really not that hard to work out around them.

Thing I did #2: Books, Books, and More Books!

I’m reading more books. I used to fill my shelves with books I’d like to read. However, I rarely picked one up, let alone read it all the way to the end before getting distracted by another new book. Not anymore. I generally gravitate more towards the autobiographies/ collection of humorous, personal essays rather than the deep “War and Peace” types. Maybe one day I’ll get there. Baby steps.

Now What?

This year, I not only want to stick with these new changes, but I want to keep going. I’d like to fill my life with more cultural experiences. I want to watch more critically acclaimed movies (films?), read more books, and go to more cultural events. Art galleries have parties too, right? So, stay tuned for artsy Instagrams and blogs about my cultural adventures.

What are your New Years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

Spontaneity For The Rest of Us

spontaneous_quoteI recently learned something about myself. I used to think I was spontaneous, that I enjoyed knowing that my evening could end up in a million possible places. Turns out this is not true, well, partially not true. I like a very specific type of spontaneity. I love adventure. I love exploring new places and meeting cool, new people. However, this spontaneity must fall in its allotted time slot. Don’t go throwing a wrench in my Saturday morning routine with a “surprise”.That’s what the afternoon is for.

I also like to be prepared. I like to know ahead of time that the evening’s plans are open-ended. I like to be prepared for (almost) every possible outcome. I don’t like to be caught off guard without my daily necessitites. This is why my purse is so big.

It’s really not that complicated.

A Solution for the Sad, Whipped Boyfriend

flynn-satchelThe sad whipped boyfriend. We’ve all seen him. He’s often a few steps behind his girlfriend, carrying a gold, glittery purse stuffed to the brim with every in-case-of-emergency item imaginable. He always looks dissapointed, answering every order with a “Yes, dear.”

I recently had a thought looking at one of these sad, poor men. If the man’s going to be carrying his girlfriend’s purse around fairly frequently, shouldn’t they have more say in what it looks like?

Hear me out. Ladies, if you had a purse that looked less like an impractical designer explosion, and more of a rugged, leather satchel, your man probably wouldn’t give you as much grief about carrying it around. Maybe he wouldn’t be a few steps behind you, possibly rethinking his life decisions. Maybe you wouldn’t have to ask him to carry your bag anymore. Maybe he would own it and it would become his bag that you throw your crap into.

Some men carry great bags, and some men have girly bags thrust upon them. Think about it.

Disappointed By The American Dream


I was told that in America, you can be who you want to be. More importantly, you can purchase whatever you want, whether that be cereal with little to no nutritional value or regular ‘ole almonds. I was lied to. America may specialize in odd specialized products, but it appears that they have neglected the old faithful in the process.

I recently ventured to a Walmart in the great state of Virginia in search of a nutritious snack. Though I found a shelf full of nut varieties that included purple, blueberry almonds, I was unable to locate a simple bag of unsalted roasted almonds. What’s that about, America?

As I live in Canada where variety is generally limited to recognizable flavours, I looked forward to the wonder in store for me in the aisles of an American Walmart. However, this trip left me disappointed. The American dream as I knew it is no more.