Happy Easter. Watch Out For The Terrifying Rabbit.

scary_easter_1Easter. A wonderful time spent with family and a grand turkey dinner. The day off work is also nice. However, I’ve been thinking about the odd traditions that come along with Easter. Namely, who decided that a chocolate egg-laying bunny would be a fun way to celebrate the winter thaw?

Who created the Easter Bunny, and why must they hand out eggs? Is it not special enough for there to be a giant chicken handing out it’s discoloured eggs? Hey kids, these ones are duds. Want them? Yes, this would be terrifying. However, I’m sure there are many traumatized kids that would argue a giant rabbit walking on its hind legs is equally terrifying. Trust me, I’ve seen the tears. And somehow it’s necessary to take a commemorative photo with this creature. Aren’t photos with Santa enough?

I think the Holiday Committee is pushing this Easter Bunny idea a little hard. Sure, Easter egg hunts are nice, but taking a photo with the Easter Bunny? Do they really think that kids are going to start begging their parents to take them to the mall so they can meet  a terrifyingly large rabbit? Next they’re going to convince kids to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny and sleep on the couch in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this mystical creature.

Also, I don’t think we really need an excuse to buy copious amounts of chocolate. It’s like we won’t feel as guilty if it’s seasonal chocolate shaped as eggs or rabbits. Wouldn’t a mini egg taste just as good if it was an ordinary circle? Mini Circles. They pretty much sell themselves.

A little food for thought. Happy Easter.

2015: If There’s An Art Gallery Party, I’ll Be There.

Happy-New-Year-2015Just when you thought you were done with New Years Resolution posts, I swoop in and sneak mine in under the wire. Yes, this is under the wire. I was never really one to make resolutions. I thought it was kind of dumb to wait for January to change and improve your life. I also didn’t think I was capable of change. I’m actually quite rigid (see previous post). I’m one of those weird creatures of habit who’d rather do something boring and familiar than jump out on a limb and possibly experience something great. The fear of the unknown is real people!

So, I continued letting January (and the other 11 months) pass by without trying to figure out what I needed to fix in my life.  I figured, you can’t improve on perfection, right? If you think something should change, maybe it’s you! Down with New Years Resolutions…but I digress. Then last year happened. Last New Years, I decided to make some changes. I decided to stop wishing I had a better life and started living one.

Thing I did #1: No More Sugar (Sort of)

I cut out most of the food in my life that taste good. I know, doesn’t that sound fun? Yeah…it was super hard (case and point), but I powered through (with a little help from some very knowledgeable and supportive friends) and I lost 15lbs. Yeah, 15lbs!! I even ventured into the scary part of the gym, the one with the pumped up dudes checking themselves out in the mirror. It’s really not that hard to work out around them.

Thing I did #2: Books, Books, and More Books!

I’m reading more books. I used to fill my shelves with books I’d like to read. However, I rarely picked one up, let alone read it all the way to the end before getting distracted by another new book. Not anymore. I generally gravitate more towards the autobiographies/ collection of humorous, personal essays rather than the deep “War and Peace” types. Maybe one day I’ll get there. Baby steps.

Now What?

This year, I not only want to stick with these new changes, but I want to keep going. I’d like to fill my life with more cultural experiences. I want to watch more critically acclaimed movies (films?), read more books, and go to more cultural events. Art galleries have parties too, right? So, stay tuned for artsy Instagrams and blogs about my cultural adventures.

What are your New Years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

Spontaneity For The Rest of Us

spontaneous_quoteI recently learned something about myself. I used to think I was spontaneous, that I enjoyed knowing that my evening could end up in a million possible places. Turns out this is not true, well, partially not true. I like a very specific type of spontaneity. I love adventure. I love exploring new places and meeting cool, new people. However, this spontaneity must fall in its allotted time slot. Don’t go throwing a wrench in my Saturday morning routine with a “surprise”.That’s what the afternoon is for.

I also like to be prepared. I like to know ahead of time that the evening’s plans are open-ended. I like to be prepared for (almost) every possible outcome. I don’t like to be caught off guard without my daily necessitites. This is why my purse is so big.

It’s really not that complicated.

Curly Hair: Living With The Beast

princess merida curly hairPinterest is filled with women who have enviable, long flowing locks. However, what Pinterest doesn’t show you is the struggle it takes to get there, especially if you’re not equipped with a team of professionals. For those like me who don’t have people to dress them in the morning, curly hair can be quite the struggle. Now, I realize that not everyone with curly hair has these problems, but I certainly do.

Curly Hair is Temperamental

If you stand the hope of steering your curly hair in the desired direction, you have to treat it just right. Not enough product can leave your hair limp and frizzy. Too much product can create an unmanageable crunchy mess. If you get the balance just right, you can end up with bouncy, enviable curls, but don’t hold your breathe.

I’ve found the most predictable results come when I bring in reinforcements, aka the curling wand. However, this requires an extra half hour in the morning, and frankly, I don’t have that kind of time. Maybe once I become a curling wand pro, I’ll be able whip out a fabulous doo in 10 minutes or less… And maybe I’ll stop burning myself so much…

Curly Hair is Unpredictable

You’re never really in control. You can try to be, but ultimately, your hair’s going to do whatever it wants. The harder you fight, the harder it revolts.

I’ve found that it’s better to go with the flow (pun intended) instead of fighting against it. Let your hair make the rules, because it basically will anyways. You can either fight and give in later, or skip the fight and give in now.

Another fun fact about curly hair is it generally decides to cooperate and look fantastic when noone’s there to appreciate and admire it. Maybe it has trouble performing under pressure. Stage fright?

Curly Hair Doesn’t Lie

Curly hair often acts as a type of mood ring. If you’ve had a rough day, people will see it. I’ve learned that the craziness of my hair at the end of the day is a direct reflection of how crazy my day’s been. Note, If my hair is a mad, frizzy mess, you should probably steer clear.

Winning Isn’t Everything

Game-OverI hate to lose. Unfortunately I’m winning-challenged and I lose quite often. It doesn’t really matter what I’m playing, The Game of Life, Chinese Checkers, or Fantasy Football. I lose so often that I’ve started to settle for “not last”. It’s become too far to reach for the top. If I can beat at least one person, I’ll probably agree to play the game again, maybe. If not, there’s a good chance I’ll throw the game board and all its pieces up in the air and storm out of the room. I may not be the best loser.

What’s the big deal about winning anyways? Is it really necessary to put someone down in order to feel better about ourselves? It’s just not enough for people to enjoy the inward satisfaction of winning. They have to constantly remind you that they beat you. Like they can’t fully enjoy winning unless you realize how you’ve failed in comparison to their greatness. Come on! It’s Fantasy Football! Can’t we shake hands and say ‘good game’ like regular football?!?!

Personally, I think there are worse things in the world than losing, like a building falling on you. That would be pretty hard to bounce back from. Yet, when someone beats you at a game of Risk, they might as well have conquered the real world. You didn’t actually conquer the world! It’s just pretend!! You wouldn’t last two seconds leading the charge in a real war!!! But I digress.

Losing builds character. Thousands (probably) of famous people were giant losers before they became the successful giants (not physically…well, maybe physically) that they now are. Maybe you should build some character and practice losing…so I can win.