Curly Hair: Living With The Beast

princess merida curly hairPinterest is filled with women who have enviable, long flowing locks. However, what Pinterest doesn’t show you is the struggle it takes to get there, especially if you’re not equipped with a team of professionals. For those like me who don’t have people to dress them in the morning, curly hair can be quite the struggle. Now, I realize that not everyone with curly hair has these problems, but I certainly do.

Curly Hair is Temperamental

If you stand the hope of steering your curly hair in the desired direction, you have to treat it just right. Not enough product can leave your hair limp and frizzy. Too much product can create an unmanageable crunchy mess. If you get the balance just right, you can end up with bouncy, enviable curls, but don’t hold your breathe.

I’ve found the most predictable results come when I bring in reinforcements, aka the curling wand. However, this requires an extra half hour in the morning, and frankly, I don’t have that kind of time. Maybe once I become a curling wand pro, I’ll be able whip out a fabulous doo in 10 minutes or less… And maybe I’ll stop burning myself so much…

Curly Hair is Unpredictable

You’re never really in control. You can try to be, but ultimately, your hair’s going to do whatever it wants. The harder you fight, the harder it revolts.

I’ve found that it’s better to go with the flow (pun intended) instead of fighting against it. Let your hair make the rules, because it basically will anyways. You can either fight and give in later, or skip the fight and give in now.

Another fun fact about curly hair is it generally decides to cooperate and look fantastic when noone’s there to appreciate and admire it. Maybe it has trouble performing under pressure. Stage fright?

Curly Hair Doesn’t Lie

Curly hair often acts as a type of mood ring. If you’ve had a rough day, people will see it. I’ve learned that the craziness of my hair at the end of the day is a direct reflection of how crazy my day’s been. Note, If my hair is a mad, frizzy mess, you should probably steer clear.