Happy Easter. Watch Out For The Terrifying Rabbit.

scary_easter_1Easter. A wonderful time spent with family and a grand turkey dinner. The day off work is also nice. However, I’ve been thinking about the odd traditions that come along with Easter. Namely, who decided that a chocolate egg-laying bunny would be a fun way to celebrate the winter thaw?

Who created the Easter Bunny, and why must they hand out eggs? Is it not special enough for there to be a giant chicken handing out it’s discoloured eggs? Hey kids, these ones are duds. Want them? Yes, this would be terrifying. However, I’m sure there are many traumatized kids that would argue a giant rabbit walking on its hind legs is equally terrifying. Trust me, I’ve seen the tears. And somehow it’s necessary to take a commemorative photo with this creature. Aren’t photos with Santa enough?

I think the Holiday Committee is pushing this Easter Bunny idea a little hard. Sure, Easter egg hunts are nice, but taking a photo with the Easter Bunny? Do they really think that kids are going to start begging their parents to take them to the mall so they can meet  a terrifyingly large rabbit? Next they’re going to convince kids to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny and sleep on the couch in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this mystical creature.

Also, I don’t think we really need an excuse to buy copious amounts of chocolate. It’s like we won’t feel as guilty if it’s seasonal chocolate shaped as eggs or rabbits. Wouldn’t a mini egg taste just as good if it was an ordinary circle? Mini Circles. They pretty much sell themselves.

A little food for thought. Happy Easter.