Spontaneity For The Rest of Us

spontaneous_quoteI recently learned something about myself. I used to think I was spontaneous, that I enjoyed knowing that my evening could end up in a million possible places. Turns out this is not true, well, partially not true. I like a very specific type of spontaneity. I love adventure. I love exploring new places and meeting cool, new people. However, this spontaneity must fall in its allotted time slot. Don’t go throwing a wrench in my Saturday morning routine with a “surprise”.That’s what the afternoon is for.

I also like to be prepared. I like to know ahead of time that the evening’s plans are open-ended. I like to be prepared for (almost) every possible outcome. I don’t like to be caught off guard without my daily necessitites. This is why my purse is so big.

It’s really not that complicated.