What’s In a Birthday?


Why do we celebrate birthdays? So, I survived another year. That’s hardly something I had a hand in. However, I’ve learned that celebrating a birthday has it’s perks. I’ve learned that if you sell your personal information to enough big companies (not just anyone) and sign up for enough loyalty programs, you can walk away with a pile of free stuff on your birthday. I mean, the perks are basically limited to free bagels and coffee, but free is free. I’ve always been a fan of free stuff. I have  a pile of books on my shelf I got for free. I knew I would probably never read them, but I digress.

I’ve recently learned that the thing to do when you get older, apparently, is to dress up, go to a fancy place, and stand around. That’s it. If you find yourself in a riveting discussion, that’s a bonus. What’s up with that? I’ve decided that along with my already established New Years resolutions, I don’t want to get old and boring. Well, the old part is inevitable, but I want to have adventures. As Belle once said, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!”.

I’ve heard people say that, “Getting older is inevitable, but growing up is a choice.” I’ve also seen people take these words of wisdom in very different ways. There are those who choose to live a life of monotony and routine and there are those who live like they did in high school. I’d like to fall somewhere in the middle.

Here’s to a new year.


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