Winning Isn’t Everything

Game-OverI hate to lose. Unfortunately I’m winning-challenged and I lose quite often. It doesn’t really matter what I’m playing, The Game of Life, Chinese Checkers, or Fantasy Football. I lose so often that I’ve started to settle for “not last”. It’s become too far to reach for the top. If I can beat at least one person, I’ll probably agree to play the game again, maybe. If not, there’s a good chance I’ll throw the game board and all its pieces up in the air and storm out of the room. I may not be the best loser.

What’s the big deal about winning anyways? Is it really necessary to put someone down in order to feel better about ourselves? It’s just not enough for people to enjoy the inward satisfaction of winning. They have to constantly remind you that they beat you. Like they can’t fully enjoy winning unless you realize how you’ve failed in comparison to their greatness. Come on! It’s Fantasy Football! Can’t we shake hands and say ‘good game’ like regular football?!?!

Personally, I think there are worse things in the world than losing, like a building falling on you. That would be pretty hard to bounce back from. Yet, when someone beats you at a game of Risk, they might as well have conquered the real world. You didn’t actually conquer the world! It’s just pretend!! You wouldn’t last two seconds leading the charge in a real war!!! But I digress.

Losing builds character. Thousands (probably) of famous people were giant losers before they became the successful giants (not physically…well, maybe physically) that they now are. Maybe you should build some character and practice losing…so I can win.


As Roughing It As It Gets (For Me)

IMG_0464Roughing-it really brings out your true self. Me, I’m not much of a camper. Don’t get me wrong, I have camped before. I did the whole sleeping in a tent, living like the wild thing. I even portaged. Mind you, I also managed to tip the canoe, knocking everyone’s stuff in the water. I think they learned a valuable lesson in survival.

I’m more of a cottager. In the summer, my family spends most of our weekends up at the cottage. Although many people envision a cottage as a luxurious summer home on the lake, ours is not quite like that. It’s a little more rustic than most. We do have indoor plumbing, but it’s not clean water. And with the laughable water pressure in the shower, you’re better off washing your hair in the lake.

As a kid, my siblings, my cousins, and I would play in the water all day, inventing creative ways to jump/ fall into the water. We’d play hide and seek, which is quite the challenge when you’re on an island. Now a days, our cottaging experience is a little different. We still play board games, but most of the time, we’re on our phones. When it rains, it thunders. When it thunders, it’s only a matter of time before your all sitting in a dark room. During the brink of every power outage, the first words out of anyone’s mouth are, “Charge your phones!” That, and, “Eat all the ice cream!” Seriously, you can’t have ice cream go to waste. If that’s not roughing it, I don’t know what is.

Good thing we still have the lake water to keep us grounded.

Distressed Fashion: A List of Grievances

Muppets_Sam-The-Eagle copyLately, I’ve noticed that society has become more and more ridiculous, especially in terms of “fashion”. I choose to believe that my growing older has allowed me to see the error in society’s ways and I have decided to list my top fashion grievances for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Grievance #1: Holy Shirts

I walked into a store the other day (a store that shall remain nameless because, full disclosure, I still really like to shop there) and I found a shirt for sale that was full of holes.  I’ve seen stray sparklers creating a very similar effect. It’s a whole lot cheaper. Plus, you get the added bonus of not knowing whether the whole shirt is going to go up in flames. I remember when I got rid of my clothes once they started falling apart. Now, people are paying extra and calling it “distressed”. Man, I should’ve hung onto those old, ratty jeans. I could’ve made a killing. Probably.

Grievance #2: Sleeveless Shirts

I remember when cutting the sleeves off your t-shirts was the cool thing to do to. I’m not sure if it was  to better display your muscles or just to make them look bigger. Now, people are willing to pay extra for stores to do it for them. Where’s the rebellion in that? Also, how does half a shirt cost more than a whole shirt? Do they really have to create a whole shirt just to cut the sleeves off? How hard is it to make a shirt without sleeves? Instead of making sleeves, you just don’t.

Grievance #3: Extremely Distressed Denim

I was willing to put the other grievances aside until I came across an article about how designers are throwing perfectly good jeans to lions and tigers in order to attain the perfect “distressed” look. Feel free to read all about it here. When I saw this, I thought to myself, “Really? Are people really willing to risk their lives for a, ‘Hey, cute top,’?” For those of you who read this article and thought this was a brilliant idea, I hope you realize that you’re pro training lions to hunger for human apparel in the name of fashion. Think about that.

Now, I’m all about the carefree, boho-chic style, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I’ve decided that this is it.

Disappointed By The American Dream


I was told that in America, you can be who you want to be. More importantly, you can purchase whatever you want, whether that be cereal with little to no nutritional value or regular ‘ole almonds. I was lied to. America may specialize in odd specialized products, but it appears that they have neglected the old faithful in the process.

I recently ventured to a Walmart in the great state of Virginia in search of a nutritious snack. Though I found a shelf full of nut varieties that included purple, blueberry almonds, I was unable to locate a simple bag of unsalted roasted almonds. What’s that about, America?

As I live in Canada where variety is generally limited to recognizable flavours, I looked forward to the wonder in store for me in the aisles of an American Walmart. However, this trip left me disappointed. The American dream as I knew it is no more.

The Economical Traveller’s Lament


A recent wedding had me heading down to the good ‘ole U S of A. I love to seeing new countries and visiting friends that live in other parts of the world. However, I’ve come to realize that there is a difference between exploring a new country and travelling.

Travelling can be great. It allows you to explore foreign culture and take people-watching to a whole new level. The actual process of getting to and from your chosen destination, on the other hand, is draining, especially if you’ve chosen an economical route. After you’ve stepped off your third connecting flight, you start to rethink your priorities. Having lugged around your carry-on from airport to airport all day, all you want to do when you reach the hotel is shower and sleep. Being an economical traveller is exhausting. Continue reading

Oh You Know, Just Thinking About The Meaning Of Life


The other day I was thinking about the deeper meaning of life (as I often do) and I had a thought. Our society is filled with messages promoting self love. Although I believe that it’s important to take care of yourself and to protect ourselves from those who might take advantage, maybe we shouldn’t be so focused on putting ourselves first.

Hear me out. Life is short, but it’s also too short to screw it up for someone else. We focus too much on ourselves and what we could be missing out on, but what about others? Maybe our “screw the world” and “seize the day” moments will change someone else’s life forever, maybe not for the better. Maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong… Lets not step on others because we only have one life to live. How about we use the gift of life to love those around us. Challenge accepted. What about you?