The Misadventures of a Commuter

sunny_in_philly_cereal copyAs a commuter, I spend a great deal of time in my car, and much of that time is spent in traffic. While I’m stopped in a sea of cars, I start to look around and observe the drivers around me. Although I’m often the one entertaining the cars around me with my musical performances, sometimes I happen to find people I just can’t look away from. Continue reading

Tips From a Stealthy Observer


As I’m sure you can already tell from my previous posts, I often sit and write at various coffee shops. I find the subtle background sounds mixed with the stimulating espresso makes for an inspirational environment. I also enjoy observing those around me. No, it’s not eavesdropping. I like to think of it as observing. I’m pretty much a self-proclaimed amateur Anthropologist. From my observations, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade that I thought I would share with you. Continue reading

Frappuccino Drinking Men


I admire a man who can order a frappuccino with confidence. Although they’re often perceived as a less than manly beverage, they taste delicious. Men shouldn’t’ have to stick with black coffee to maintain their manly status in society. They should be able to order whatever delicious treat their heart desires. Too often do I see men hiding behind their girlfriends or sisters, having them order their whipped pink drinks for them. Although I have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining watching their drink exchange in the parking lot.

Coffee With a Side of Optimism


Well, I finally get to write. I wanted to get at this all day, but I needed to get work out of the way first. That’s the funny thing about work. For most people, it’s generally not something they look forward to. Even if it starts out being something you enjoy, after working the same job every day for a number of years, you often enjoy it less and less every day. I’m sure this isn’t the case for everyone, but from my experience, it happens to more people than it doesn’t. My brother always says that this is why it’s called “work” and not “awesome”. Continue reading