Dogs: Nature’s Home Gym

wallace_grommit_1Who doesn’t love dogs, right? I know, there are some, and I’m sure they have their reasons. Needless to say, if  you can get past the painstaking training, dogs are pretty awesome to have around. Aside from the obvious companionship, dogs have quite a few handy qualities. Continue reading


Eating Slowly: A Lesson in Patience

apple_dinner_timeAs I venture further down the road to better health and wellness, I’ve made a few changes in my life. Along with cutting out unhealthy foods, I’ve learned to eat slower. Although eating slower does wonders for your digestion, it is not an easy thing to get used to. For someone with little patience and a love for food, chewing food until it’s fit for a baby bird is pretty close to torture. Continue reading

Goodbye, Coffee. Hello, Plants.


On the road to better health and wellness, one must make the necessary sacrifices to improve oneself. Apparently, one of the sacrifices I need to make is to drink less coffee. I’m supposed to stop drinking I altogether, but for the time being, I’m just working on cutting back. Since the coffee maker at my work broke, I thought what better time to start. Continue reading