Jump Down The Corporate Ladder

Maya Angelou QuoteWith the help of a friend, I recently had an epiphany. Many of us are told to seek the unconventional path we were meant to follow. For some, that might include seeking out their dream career and climbing the corporate ladder of their choosing. For me, it’s sort of the opposite.

I’ve always known that my path in life would be the one less travelled by. I thought I might be a dancer or an actress. I even thought I might work in a big ad agency. The more I tried each new career option, the more I learned about myself. I learned that my unconventional path wasn’t going to center around my career, but rather the opposite. The more I attempted to climb the corporate ladder, the more I wondered why I was doing it. Those around me told me to keep climbing, but all I wanted to do was jump off.

It’s said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. However, that’s not the only way to be happy. If you have  a job you enjoy, but it doesn’t take over your life, you’ll have time to actually live your life as well.

My dream doesn’t involve a dream career. It’s living a dream life. How about you?


What’s In a Birthday?


Why do we celebrate birthdays? So, I survived another year. That’s hardly something I had a hand in. However, I’ve learned that celebrating a birthday has it’s perks. I’ve learned that if you sell your personal information to enough big companies (not just anyone) and sign up for enough loyalty programs, you can walk away with a pile of free stuff on your birthday. I mean, the perks are basically limited to free bagels and coffee, but free is free. I’ve always been a fan of free stuff. I have  a pile of books on my shelf I got for free. I knew I would probably never read them, but I digress. Continue reading

Exploring What’s Around The Riverbend


Growing up, Pocahontas was one of my favourite Disney princesses. I never realized how inspiring she was, however, until lately. I recently pulled out the old VHS tape and rewatched it. I fell in love with it all over again, but for a bunch of new reasons.  I do still think it would be pretty cool to have a Mother Willow spirit guide. Continue reading