Time Saving Tips for Those On-The-Go

hungover_bobI am not what you would call a morning person. I know, but surprise! Being that mornings aren’t my friend, I try to plan ahead as much as I can so I’m spend as much time in my cozy bed as possible. Hey, if the sun ain’t up, I shouldn’t be either! I’ve found that the more I do before I go to bed, the fewer things I have to do in the morning. Here are a few of my tips and tricks. Be sure to thank me in the comments below!

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation is key

Get as much ready the night before. This includes getting my lunch ready, getting my outfit ready, and getting my breakfast ready. I try to leave as much time for sleep as I can.

2. Breakfast on the go

Even if I’m running late (which is often), I do not skip breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day. However, who has time to eat breakfast at home? Never mind the time spent to prepare it. You could be sleeping. Hello??? I mean Zzz. Make sure you have many on the go friendly breakfast treats on hand. Utilize your time on the weekend to prepare them. You will thank me later! As my gift to you, here is the link to 9 Ridiculously Healthy Three Ingredient Treats (they freeze beautifully). Although, this does mean you’ll have to vacuum your car more frequently. You’d be surprised how many crumbs come from a single muffin.

3. Have multiple travel mugs

Who has time/ wants to do the dishes every day, especially when you don’t have a dishwasher. Not me.

4. Allow me to introduce you to Febreeze, your new best friend

I’m not suggesting you replace your laundry detergent altogether. After all, I’m not a fanatic; however, sometimes washing clothes takes too long/ you forgot and it’s too late to pick out a new outfit. Now, don’t get carried away. This handy trick is only ideal for borderline need to be washed clothes. If your clothing item of choice is buried under a pile of smelly gym clothes, you should go ahead and pick a new outfit.

5. GPS

Even if you know where you’re going. Knowing your ETA is key and provides peace of mind that you won’t be late for work, even if you’ll arrive exactly on time, it counts as not late!

6. Wear the same jewelry every day

One less decision. Check!


How to Make the Winter Less Blue


Well, we’re right in the think of winter and chalked full of grey days with little to no sunshine. How to you keep yourself from crawling into bed and waiting for spring? I’d say reading this blog is a pretty good start. Right, more steps.

Change of Scenery

I’m not talking about taking a trip (although, if you can, I highly recommend it). I’m simply referring to getting your butt off the couch and going somewhere. Anywhere. Sitting by yourself and wallowing in the dark gross day is not going to help you. Where do you go? I recommend going where other people are. However, if you’re not an extrovert like myself, this may not be very beneficial. Plunk yourself down at a coffee shop or a book store with a bunch of people (you don’t have to talk to).

Bring the People to You

I find one of the hardest things about the winter months, is forcing myself to go out into the cold world and do things. Well, have I got a solution for you. Don’t do it. Bring the event to you. Throw a dinner party or a movie night or whatever type of low-key, low maintenance event you prefer. I also suggest inviting people that can bring things and/or are frequently known to bring hostess gifts.

Plan Events to Attend

The easiest way to force yourself to socialize with the world is to put it in the calendar. If it’s booked (and you already paid for a ticket of some kind), you’re more likely to go. If you wait for the weekend to arrive before you start thinking of what to do, chances are, the planning will appear to difficult and you’ll settle for a sweat pants party for one.

Preparation is Key

Buy yourself a good winter coat. One that goes past your butt and will keep you warm even if you’re sitting in a cold place. I also like to keep a small blanket in my car to keep me warm until Ole Betsy warms up. I’ve also found that once I finally spring for a warm coat or a good pair of boots, it starts to get warmer and I have less need for them…