How to Survive The Canadian Winter

winter_blogSince both Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie had to go and see their shadows (you had one job!) and it doesn’t look like winter is coming to a close anytime soon, it’s best you be prepared. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

5 Ways to Make Wintering Easier

Living in Canada, you learn very quickly (or with age) that it snows rather frequently. With that, you need to dress and act accordingly.

1. Waterproof Boots

It’s time to say goodbye to those impractical, pretty boots and say hello to something that will keep your feet warm and dry, especially when shoveling snow for a long period of time. You think your leather boots will be fine until you’ve been sitting at work all day and your feet refuse to warm up. Now, your boots don’t have to be ugly, but you should know that sometimes that’s what it takes .

2. A Long Coat

Yes, a short winter coat is not completely impractical; however, (in my experience) it’s more important to have a coat that will continue to keep you warm when you sit down, especially on the subway. It also helps to protect you from many a frigid breeze. Be kind to your behind.

3. Multiple Pairs of Gloves

I’ve learned that you can’t get everything you need from one pair of gloves. It’s important to have a pair of gloves that will keep you warm and dry while shoveling snow. Unfortunately, these gloves are not great for grabbing things, especially in your car. This is why you also need a pair of driving gloves. I suggest keeping them in the glove box. That’s what it’s for, right? Lastly, I always keep a pair of fingerless gloves on hand. These are very handy when using your phone, not that i do that when i’m driving, because that would be dangerous! They’re also handy while snacking in the car, there’s no need to lose feeling in your hands just because you’re hungry.

4. An Adjustable Snow Brush

That’s right, not just any snow brush. You need one that can swivel and reach across your car, allowing you to clean your car off more efficiently and allowing you to spend less time brushing it off. You’re welcome!

5. The Will to Go Outside

This one has actually been the most difficult for me to achieve. Sometimes, this means being a grown-up and realizing that if you don’t shovel the driveway, you will have trouble getting to work on time or you could fall on your face trying to get to your car. Other times, this means, throwing caution to the wind (mildy) and going out after dark . Even though it’s cold outside, it’s not good for your mental well being to hibernate until spring.