Fantasy Football Update: You Win Some. You Lose Some.


As we move into week 4 of the NFL, I wanted to update you on the status of my fantasy football experience. In week 1, I managed to scrape by with a win, but in weeks 2 and 3, I was not so lucky. Although my team’s not performing as well as I hoped, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons that I thought I would pass along. I thought being a football fan was stressful before I joined a fantasy football league. I was wrong. Before, I worried about the status of my favourite team as a whole. Now, I have a whole new group of worries. Continue reading


Fantasy Football? Sure, Why Not?


I decided to join a fantasy football league this year. I’ve been involved in a friendly weekly pool for a few years now so this year, I thought I would up my game. I love football. It’s one of the many things I picked up while going to college in the States, along with this crazy accent that I just can’t seem to shake. Anyways, since I know a fair bit about football and I’m a pretty avid fan of The League, I figured it would be easy. Continue reading