Super Bowling in Canada

super bowl XLIXAnother football season has come and gone, and with that, another Super Bowl. I just love the Super Bowl. Aside from the fact that it’s my favourite professional sport, it’s such an exciting event, that is, if they put on a good show. Thankfully, this year did not disappoint!

Super Bowl XLIX started off with the national anthem sung by none other than Idina Menzel. I could basically stop right now, but I’ll keep going. Then the biggest football game of the season began! Tension was in the air, people were sweating (thankfully I was safe on my couch), and jobs were on the line. Then half way through the craziness, an original concert was put together just for me (okay, the whole Super Bowl-viewing audience). Cue the dancing sharks. Finally, the superior team prevailed over the other! The crowd went wild! Then the players went wild! There was confetti everywhere! Where did that all come from?! I didn’t see any confetti cannons…must be magic. There was even magic confetti in the air!! If this doesn’t convince you, you’re basically dead inside. I’m sorry for your loss.

One of the downsides to watching the Super Bowl in Canada, is the commercials. Americans don’t realize how good they have it. They have the pleasure of witnessing the fruits of millions of dollars spent on advertising. In Canada, we get to watch the same four commercials on repeat, and let me tell you, it’s way worse than it sounds. Even if you manage to catch the game on an American channel, Canada (I’m assuming it’s a country-wide effort) somehow intercepts the airspace during breaks. These companies must be spending a ton on these commercials to have them viewed a million times. This is not an exaggeration, I counted. Yes, I’m a very good counter. Ask my mom. Well, at least there’s YouTube. I guess I could have just looked them up beforehand, but who wants to ruin the surprise. And yet, some Americans couldn’t be bothered to watch the game. I guess the grass is always greener in America.

I’m always interested in how Canadians choose their favourite football team. Not having an NFL team of our own, we’re open to choose whoever we feel deserves our loyalty. Some people go with Buffalo because of the proximity, while others choose the Vikings because they’re crazy (Yes, they are). Also, why is it so horrible to pull your loyalty from one team so you can hand it to a better one? Why should I have to stick with a losing team? Tell me, where’s the honour in that? No? The cheese stands alone? Alright…

Well, only 210 days until next season.


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