Oh You Know, Just Thinking About The Meaning Of Life


The other day I was thinking about the deeper meaning of life (as I often do) and I had a thought. Our society is filled with messages promoting self love. Although I believe that it’s important to take care of yourself and to protect ourselves from those who might take advantage, maybe we shouldn’t be so focused on putting ourselves first.

Hear me out. Life is short, but it’s also too short to screw it up for someone else. We focus too much on ourselves and what we could be missing out on, but what about others? Maybe our “screw the world” and “seize the day” moments will change someone else’s life forever, maybe not for the better. Maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong… Lets not step on others because we only have one life to live. How about we use the gift of life to love those around us.┬áChallenge accepted. What about you?