So Many Books, So Little Time Spent Reading Them

20140218-202659.jpgWhy is it that when our internet drives us crazy, we’re ready to throw our computers out the window? I mean, that’s pretty violent. The computer had nothing to do with the internet crapping out. It’s simply an innocent bystander, and yet the internet means so much to us that we’re willing to use it as a scapegoat.

The internet has become the source of our entertainment. We not only use it to communicate, we’ve started handing over our entire music and movie libraries to it. And when it goes down, what do we do? We panic. What we should be doing is picking up a book instead of  freaking out because we’re going to miss Game of Thrones. When we finally do decide to sit down and read a book, we feel so noble and accomplished. We shouldn’t be reading just so we can tell people we read, we should do so to educate ourselves.

Personally, I love books. Well, I love the idea of books. However, I will admit, I have a hard time sitting down and reading a book after a long day of work. It’s much easier for me to sit in front of the TV and let it do the work for me. My shelves are filled with books, but there are many of them that I have yet to read and be inspired by.

One of the things I hope to do more of this year is read. I’m hesitant to make it a “New Years Resolution” because I want it to be more than something new to try once and cross off the list. I want to read more in general. I want reading to become a bigger part of my life.