30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

30th_birthdaySo, I’ve officially taken 30 trips around the sun. And in those 30 years, I’ve actually learned a lot. Here are the 30 most important things I’ve learned so far (trust me, it’s worth reading the whole list):

  1. Watch where you’re going both visually and in life.
  2. Dogs are the most important beings in the world! You should take as many pictures with your dog as you want because dogs don’t live as long as people. You need enough photos to get you through the years they are no longer with you.
  3. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.).
  4. You need different friends for different things.
  5. Small car repairs don’t exist. Everything is expensive.
  6. Sometimes you don’t need to redecorate. You just need to clean your apartment.
  7. You don’t need to wear makeup every day. No one cares.
  8. Don’t do anything or be anyone  other than yourself just because you think you’re “supposed to”.
  9. Don’t make life decisions out of obligation. You’re the one who will have to live with the decision.
  10. It’s better to be alone then to be with the wrong person
  11. If someone makes you feel like throwing up, stop wasting your valuable time with them.
  12. You’re stronger than you think you are.
  13. Snow is not as pretty when you have to shovel it.
  14. If you don’t like your handwriting, change it.
  15. Happiness is not a competition. There’s room for everyone.
  16. Olive oil can freeze.
  17. Don’t be afraid to take a job because you feel like you’ll be trapped there. If you don’t like it, look for a new job.
  18. It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you save
  19. Don’t buy anything you can’t afford to pay for (within 30 days).
  20. Whether someone hurt you or not, if their parent dies, nothing matters anymore. You go to the funeral.
  21. When working out (or after),there’s a difference between good pain and bad pain.
  22. Eating a few pieces of pizza is fine. Eating an entire pizza is not fine, especially if done on a weekly basis.
  23. Jumping isn’t bad for your knees. Jumping poorly is.
  24. Not every doctor is considerate of your time. If you have a good one, stick with him/her as long as you can. If you’re not happy with them, take the time to find one you’re happy with. Your health is worth it. 
  25. Sometimes coffee isn’t as much as a benefit for you, as it is for those who have to interact with you.
  26. Don’t hand out “I love you’s” like candy.
  27. Winter boots that keep your feet warm and dry are better than ones that just look pretty.
  28. Original song lyrics are merely suggestions. Sing what you want.
  29. Dance in your car like you’re putting on a production.
  30. Laughing with your brothers is the best medicine.

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